Curriculum Policy and the Politics

The curriculum for schools are developed and implemented by the board of education, they get the final say on how the curriculum is going to be hand what is going to be taught through it. It can be largely influenced by businesses and companies that believe their trade is important and students should be learning thing that can help them guide their way to these sort of businesses. Also teachers, parents, and students have their own influences on the curriculum development, mainly because they are the ones experiencing the curriculum first hand, but things don’t always go in their favor.

For the people in charge of what is happening to the curriculum, get voted in by outside parties, to which they believe who will do the best for the just. This brings in a very political view into the curriculum development. It is like when the government is being chosen, people around the country vote for people based of what they stand for and what they claim they will do to better the nation. The same goes for the curriculum, a person is voted in based on what the intend to implement in the curriculum for schools. This is something I have never thought of before, and I find very interesting. The only think I can think that may be concerning is how much other things influence the curriculum that are not education based.


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