Literacy Models

The Curriculum that I have chosen can be perceived as both Autonomous literacy and Ideology literacy, however it does align more closely to Ideology literacy. The curriculum is based around Canadian history, which mainly include Aboriginal peoples. The learning of their culture is a big part of the subject and should be presented more in class for the benefit of the students. With how much the Aboriginal peoples culture, traditions, etc., the literacy frame that surround the curriculum the strongest would be Ideology literacy. The Autonomous literacy fits into the curriculum because the curriculum, dependant on how it is taught, teaches equality, gives for a stronger independent basis, and allows for opportunity for cognitive skills. Though as stated, both literacy models are present in one way or another, Ideology literacy is more present within the curriculum.

To connect the mandated curriculum to the students lives, I could possible get them to consider their family history and do a little presentation in front of their classmates, allowing for the students to gain abetter understanding of life of their peer’s family. This way students may not only take an interest in the history, but they will be able to relate it to their own lives and peers. With a better understanding of their history, the students may be able to connect their information found to the information being taught in the classroom. The students might even be able to connect their knowledge to later teachings.


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