Reinhabitation & Decolonization

The reinhabitation is shown on page 80, where it is claimed that the river is a way of life for the Mushkegowuk people. They use it for many resources such as fishing, and is has significant uses and meaning behind it such as, is physically, emotionally, and spiritually being. People based themselves around the river for it was a good source, and many new relationships with different cultures often occurred around rivers. Rivers are a place that can teach people many means of life. There is a return to the original way of knowing. Decolonization within the article is shown when it speaks of old ways being taught again, allowing for an new perspective on the language and culture.  

I am a pre-service social studies teacher, so this topic is more incorporated into the curriculums I will be using. I would however, be unable to teach the language, or even how the culture was to its full potential. The best way in doing this would to bring a person from the First Nations community, such as an elder. It would be unfair to the students to be ill-advised on First Nations culture, traditions, and languages. However, I to think it is a very important part of Social Studies to teach because First Nations are a very important part of our history.


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