There are many things during this class that I found interesting and very useful. I like the use of the Power School program for marking (or at least that’s what i think it is called, I’m not too sure). It made marking look neat and clean and easy to follow for anyone who is looking to see where their child/student is at.

Something that in found interesting was the conversation in class about the bad mark being taken away if it brings down your average. I didn’t know schools did this, but i find it would be very beneficial to the students.

I really enjoyed the reading we were giving during class about “Formative Assessment in Seven Good Moves”. I found myself agreeing with the first two step or moves, prime students first, and pose good questions. All of the moves were very important, but when asked which one was least, my mind brought me to the last move, build your bins. I didn’t really understand it, until it was explained to me. After I came to the realization that they were all important, and depending on your views, one might appear more so than others.

`I could help but find myself laughing at the video we were shown at the end of the class. I know it was important and it did clear up a lot of things about summative, formative, and diagnostic assessments, the visual part, the characters of the video were too much to handle. I had a hard time not noticing the length of the characters arms, there computerized voices, their actions, etc… It was a good video for its information, but it was hard to watch and not to giggle at.


One thought on “ECS 410- JANUARY 18TH CLASS

  1. Heather

    I also found the conversation we had on marks and finals to be very interesting. I had a math class that took away a bad mark. While it did not change my mark drastically, it was nice to think I worked hard enough and got my assignments in on time and was rewarded for it. One thing I do not know if I agree on was the talk about finals. If I knew my final mark would be taken off I would not put any effort into studying. But, that ‘s just me. If it works for the students than I think it is a great addition to the schools.

    I also enjoyed the reading we did. I never considered these to be important steps. Just basic things people should do. But reading why it is important changed the way I thought about it. I also liked the handout of the formative assessment techniques. The amount of options was nice and I am excited to try some of them out in my classroom.


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