ECS 410 – February 1st

Today’s class was so helpful, we met with Tana, and everything I was confused/worried about became so much clear, and I feel a little bit better about the Social Studies curriculum. Tana was very helpful, and answered all the questions we had, and she even answered questions I did even think of asking. She showed us one of her unit plans and it helped me out so much to see what needs to be done, and what can be done. I also liked the fact that she showed us differentiated instructions she uses in her classrooms that work for her.

I like the idea of making our own rubric, or working as a class I guess, to make our own rubric. Its nice to see that everyone is on a similar page, or understanding.

I do wish we would have gotten to talk about the video that we were to watch. I did watch it, and I really liked the points it was bringing across. I think the most agreeable strategy that was brought in, was the green, yellow and red cups for the students. I believe that would be a good way to see where students are at when you are teaching.

I found this days class to be very insightful and helpful.


One thought on “ECS 410 – February 1st

  1. Heather

    Meeting with Tana was really nice. I like how she ended and told us to email if she has any questions. I’ve stated before that I feel very alone in the teaching world. Finding teachers that say “I will help” makes me feel very revealed. I hope Tana will meet with us again to answer any questions that come up during pre intern and internship.

    I hope we talk more about creating rubrics. I want to be able to create a fair rubric that doesn’t expect too much or too little of my students. I want to have a better understanding of the wording that will help my students understand what is expected of them.

    I really hope we talk about the video! I loved it so much and want to try a lot of the adaptations used in my future classroom.


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