ECS 410 – February 15th

This class was interesting enough. I enjoyed the presentations and I found it interesting to see how different majors would deal with differentiated instruction for several different kids. There were some that I believed could have been a bit better in term of interest, because, yeah, i got bored with a few of them. But over all they were pretty good. I don’t remember the girls names, but the last two that went, did a very good job.

For the next half of class, I didn’t find as interesting to be honest, but the information that was being provided and understandings of some DI’s being explained was nice and helpful. Like I didn’t know what some of them were because I’ve never heard of them, but when they got explained, I was like, OHHHHHH! I know what that is! But because I din’t know it was a DI, it never occurred to me when I would witness it, or even use it. There were so many DI’s that I’ve used for myself, or have seen done, its funny how it has never dawned on me that these are instructions teachers use to help students.

To be honest, I did find the class a little dry, but very informative.



One thought on “ECS 410 – February 15th

  1. Heather

    I agree I did find some of the presentations a little boring, but it is also a presentation that could be difficult to be interesting because they are all similar. Some did have great ideas that and I am happy I got to learn about them.

    I also agree with how you felt about the second half of the class. It was nice to go over the DI’s because some of them I thought I had never heard of, but once it was explained I also had an “OOOOH” moment. Having a list with the names of the DI will be helpful because I can Google search their names and find ways to use them in the classroom or find different variations of them.


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