ECS 410 – March 8th

I have to say I really enjoyed the brownies that were brought to class, they were probably the highlight of my night. 😉

Going through that students case study was pretty confusing to see what we were looking at. Everything seemed to have some kind of connection, but I couldn’t figure it out. I originally thought that the student may have not cared by the end for some reason, and that maybe in the two classes that they were doing very poor in, that they possibly didn’t like their teacher. And it turned out that the student was a football player who needed certain grades to be able to play, and his grades dropped as soon as football season was out. Also that they didn’t get along with one of their teachers.

With the in class assignment thing that we did, I was a bit confused to be honest. There were some statements that I would probably try and do in my classroom, but some of the statements didn’t really make sense to so I put them in the middle until I understood what it was getting at. The only one I said i probably wouldn’t use was # 13, but after watching the clip on YouTube for it, I actually understood it better and decided that I probably would use it.

I really enjoyed the Ted talk at the end of class, I found her story and what she learned as a teacher to be quite interesting. I thought the way she started to teach her students was unique but it seemed to be vary beneficial for the students.


One thought on “ECS 410 – March 8th

  1. Heather

    It was nice to see a students report card and attendance. it was nice because we assume things about this student but once we get to know them their marks and late make sense.

    I also really liked the “Would you do this in the classroom” assignment. It helped me think about what my assessment philosophy is. I cannot say I agreed with everything the man in the videos said. Different things work for different classrooms, so it shouldn’t be “this is the only way to do it”. But that’s just me.

    I also enjoyed the Tedtalk and agree with what you said


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