To Follow or Not to Follow

My Feedly feed.

As a new blogger and a future educator, finding blogs to follow that allow support or offer advice are very important. I have recently joined Feedly, and my way of finding new blogs to do just that, are, honestly, hash tagging educational words, or words that my major and minor would fall under. Once I find one that catches my eye, I click the blog name to see they types of things they actually blog about, to see if it will benefit me and my seek for knowledge and understanding. Here are two blogs that I have found thus far, that I find are very helpful to me and may be helpful to other educators.

BLOG #1 – Cool Cat Teacher Blog

I have gone through this blog several times over the last couple of days after I started following it. It gives great advice for teachers anywhere from inclusion in the classroom to ideas that will help you grow as a teacher, and if you check out my twitter, I have shared the latest article on “5 Ideas to Help You Grow”. There are sometimes pod casts that allow you to listen to what the article will speak about, and she brings in other educators onto her pod cast and discuss things that are happening in classrooms now. As an educator, its nice to hear what other teachers are doing in their classroom, and gain advice to better yourself as an educator. I have, so far, thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog.

If you are wondering how I found it, I went onto my Feedly, went to discover, and typed EdTech, and there it was. I click on the name and skimmed through some of her blogs, and read several of them and decided this was a great blog to follow in my opinion. Below is a screenshot of some of the things this blog posts. Go check them out!

BLOG #2 – Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

If you want to gather great material and idea of different types of assessment, this is the place to go. It is a wonderful blog that contains Teacher Guides and Assessment Tools that can help you as an educator in the classroom. They have phenomenal ideas, although you may not agree with some, they always have alternatives that are sure to fit with you one way or another, whether it be, you take their idea, or you go off their ideas and alter them to work for you. They talk out amazing resources in their blog as well, and ways we can incorporate them into our classrooms.

If you are a teacher that is always looking for Assessment Tools and Teacher Guides, this is a great blog for you to check out. Below is a screenshot of some blogs they post, and the very top is the blog name. Go check them out!

If anyone has a good blog they follow with helpful information or advice, please share. You can comment it below or contact me through my blog. Thank you!


My Journey Continues – ASL Learning Project

Last week I decided on what I was going to do for a #learnigproject, and that was ASL. I have found several apps in the App Store, ASL and SignSchool, to help me with beginner steps that I wanted to learn, such as, the alphabet, counting up to 9, a simple greeting, and learning to spell my name by learning the alphabet.

For some reason I thought learning ASL would be really easy, however, I find its just like any other language, its very different and it will take time to learn. In the video, at times, you can see me struggling to remember the signs for some letters and numbers, and this, to me, is like another language. It takes lots of practice, and you won’t learn it all in one week. I have placed what I am saying in the video but incase you miss it, I say, “Hello, how are you?”, “I’m fine.”, “My name is Sydney”. The video then transitions into me doing the alphabet, and slowly moves into numbers after that, and I know its rough, but please bare with me.

So far I have enjoyed learning ASL, and I look forward to continuing to learn. I want to reach my goal I set out for myself, holding a conversation in ASL. However, for now I want to learn the basics. So, in saying that, by next week I plan on being able to say your welcome, please, and thank you, as well as each week day name (ex. Friday, Saturday, etc.), and each month name (May, February, July, etc.). And like I did today, I plan on Vloging my process and abilities I learn in ASL, and yes I know this week looks rough, but I will keep on practicing and in time I will get better (hopefully), and I hope I can hold a conversation with someone else one day when I do get better.

If anyone has advice or great recourses on learning ASL, please I am all ears, don’t be afraid to comment or contact me.

What to Learn, What to Learn…

Photo Credit: jenzwick Flickr via Compfight cc
Photo Credit:jenzwick Flickr via Compfight cc

After giving it some thought, I have decided to learn ASL (American Sign Language). It has been something I have wanted to learn for a while, and as a teacher I figure it will come in handy during my profession.

So where am I at? I somewhat know the alphabet, and to ask someone “How are you?”, I also know how to respond “I am fine.” However, this is the extent of my knowledge in ASL. Before I am done university, I want to have a good base and understanding of ASL. I want to be able to hold conversations, but right now, I am just beginning.

By this time next week, I want to be able to do the full alphabet, numbers up to 9 (it is different) and say my name in ASL. And if I finish this early, begin on learning the names of each week day (e.i. Wednesday, Saturday, etc.)

I plan on learning ASL online, from youtube, mobile apps, articles online, and if needed, go the old route and get a book to help me learn. And each week I plan on learning something new, as well as continuing to practice what I learn previous weeks.

Welcome to the World of Me

Hello there wondering world… or whoever is reading this. I am Sydney Wall and I am a beginner at blogging, so bare with me as you join me in my blogging journey. And don’t worry I do plan and getting better at this, it’ll just take time. I have blogged in the past, but I have not very good at it, and as a teacher in the modern world I know how important it is to have a good understanding of technology, which as of right now, I do not have. I’ve never been one to blog or write tweets, but I have had a Twitter account before but I’ve never really used it. I have just recently began using it again in the last year, and I may have only around three posts of my own. So as you can tell I am a beginner, but I want to learn more. If you want to follow me on my Twitter account the link is attached.

And now to introduce myself!

I am from a small town in northern Saskatchewan, that not many people have heard of, but I assure you it’s there. I grew up in the country, ten minutes out of this little town, and an hour and a half out of the nearest cities. I am currently living in Regina, which means I have a long drive home, five hours to be exact. Being this far away from home really makes you miss your family, friends and pets (this includes cats, dogs, and horses). But the holidays make it all worth it when you get a go back home and see everyone, and ride your horses (I have two, one’s name is Sparky, the other is Apollo)


I am currently in my last year of University in the Ed. program, as a Social Studies major and a Visual Arts minor, here in Regina. I live in the city with my fiancé and three pets, two dogs, Myah (a pit bull) and Ronin (and Alaskan malamute), and one cat, Todd.


Thank you for reading, or even if you just looked at the pictures of my animals.

And “In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.” – Truman Burbank, The Truman Show, 1998.