Welcome to the World of Me

Hello there wondering world… or whoever is reading this. I am Sydney Wall and I am a beginner at blogging, so bare with me as you join me in my blogging journey. And don’t worry I do plan and getting better at this, it’ll just take time. I have blogged in the past, but I have not very good at it, and as a teacher in the modern world I know how important it is to have a good understanding of technology, which as of right now, I do not have. I’ve never been one to blog or write tweets, but I have had a Twitter account before but I’ve never really used it. I have just recently began using it again in the last year, and I may have only around three posts of my own. So as you can tell I am a beginner, but I want to learn more. If you want to follow me on my Twitter account the link is attached.

And now to introduce myself!

I am from a small town in northern Saskatchewan, that not many people have heard of, but I assure you it’s there. I grew up in the country, ten minutes out of this little town, and an hour and a half out of the nearest cities. I am currently living in Regina, which means I have a long drive home, five hours to be exact. Being this far away from home really makes you miss your family, friends and pets (this includes cats, dogs, and horses). But the holidays make it all worth it when you get a go back home and see everyone, and ride your horses (I have two, one’s name is Sparky, the other is Apollo)


I am currently in my last year of University in the Ed. program, as a Social Studies major and a Visual Arts minor, here in Regina. I live in the city with my fiancé and three pets, two dogs, Myah (a pit bull) and Ronin (and Alaskan malamute), and one cat, Todd.


Thank you for reading, or even if you just looked at the pictures of my animals.

And “In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.” – Truman Burbank, The Truman Show, 1998.


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