What to Learn, What to Learn…

Photo Credit: jenzwick Flickr via Compfight cc
Photo Credit:jenzwick Flickr via Compfight cc

After giving it some thought, I have decided to learn ASL (American Sign Language). It has been something I have wanted to learn for a while, and as a teacher I figure it will come in handy during my profession.

So where am I at? I somewhat know the alphabet, and to ask someone “How are you?”, I also know how to respond “I am fine.” However, this is the extent of my knowledge in ASL. Before I am done university, I want to have a good base and understanding of ASL. I want to be able to hold conversations, but right now, I am just beginning.

By this time next week, I want to be able to do the full alphabet, numbers up to 9 (it is different) and say my name in ASL. And if I finish this early, begin on learning the names of each week day (e.i. Wednesday, Saturday, etc.)

I plan on learning ASL online, from youtube, mobile apps, articles online, and if needed, go the old route and get a book to help me learn. And each week I plan on learning something new, as well as continuing to practice what I learn previous weeks.


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