My Journey Continues – ASL Learning Project

Last week I decided on what I was going to do for a #learnigproject, and that was ASL. I have found several apps in the App Store, ASL and SignSchool, to help me with beginner steps that I wanted to learn, such as, the alphabet, counting up to 9, a simple greeting, and learning to spell my name by learning the alphabet.

For some reason I thought learning ASL would be really easy, however, I find its just like any other language, its very different and it will take time to learn. In the video, at times, you can see me struggling to remember the signs for some letters and numbers, and this, to me, is like another language. It takes lots of practice, and you won’t learn it all in one week. I have placed what I am saying in the video but incase you miss it, I say, “Hello, how are you?”, “I’m fine.”, “My name is Sydney”. The video then transitions into me doing the alphabet, and slowly moves into numbers after that, and I know its rough, but please bare with me.

So far I have enjoyed learning ASL, and I look forward to continuing to learn. I want to reach my goal I set out for myself, holding a conversation in ASL. However, for now I want to learn the basics. So, in saying that, by next week I plan on being able to say your welcome, please, and thank you, as well as each week day name (ex. Friday, Saturday, etc.), and each month name (May, February, July, etc.). And like I did today, I plan on Vloging my process and abilities I learn in ASL, and yes I know this week looks rough, but I will keep on practicing and in time I will get better (hopefully), and I hope I can hold a conversation with someone else one day when I do get better.

If anyone has advice or great recourses on learning ASL, please I am all ears, don’t be afraid to comment or contact me.


6 thoughts on “My Journey Continues – ASL Learning Project

  1. I really like the idea of you Vlogging your experience of ASL. As vlogging is a new trend in the past couple years it definitely showcases what EDCT 300 is all about. the fact that you didn’t add any music or sound into your vlog made it almost like we were in the realm of someone who is deaf which made your video that much more enlightening.
    keep up the good work, im sure you will get the hang of things quickly

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  2. misspapic

    This is an awesome idea for a learning project! I liked how you mentioned the apps and tools you are using at the beginning of your post. I am going to take note of these because it would be something that would be useful if you ever had a child who was deaf in your classroom! Even if you just knew a few letters and words that could help you communicate with the student. It would definitely make them feel welcomed and accepted.


    1. Sydney

      That’s why I decided to learn ASL. I believe, that if I have some not of hearing in my classroom, I can be an interpreter for then and they won’t be excluded in anyway.


  3. This is a great thing to do for the learning project. You are doing great. You have learned so much in so little time. I know how hard it is! I have my ASL BabySign Certificate. I teach a weekly baby signs class. I have a binder of resources, some lesson plans as well as some children’s books that incorporates many different signs with pictures throughout the book. If you want to stop by a class or look through what I have just let me know!


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