Time to EdChat it Up!… But Nobodies There….

Via Giphy

I participated in my first EdChat every, and unfortunately it was a bust. I logged on to my twitter, and went to twiterdeck (which is amazing by the way) 10 minutes before the chat was to begin. I was excited to see there was a notification about the chat starting soon, but to my unfortunate realization, nobody was talking.

With this dilemma, I decided to share a resource 20 minutes in, in hopes that someone might comment or begin the chat, and yet, there was a no show. So I began to ponder questions I could ask to spark a conversation, and 15 minutes later I asked the simple question “What are some of the most effective classroom management tactics you have used in your classroom?”. I wasn’t expecting much from this question, just hoping someone might answer. However, there was still nobody there.

I waited 45 minutes for some sort of conversation to occur, continued to check until an hour went by, but, nothing ever did surface. I even went to the internet to find answers. In saying this, like I said before, my first edchat was unfortunately a bust. This however, does not break my spirit in participating in an escheat ever again, I do plan of participating in an escheat successfully in the future.

Via Giphy