Back From the Break, and the Learning Doesn’t Stop

Hello, and welcome to my fifth Learning Project Vlog/Blog. I have been away for the last week in Mexico for a wedding. And not to brag but I was really happy to miss the coldest days of winter 2018 yet. But now I am back and happy to be. While I was away I didn’t have much internet access, and was busy most of the time, so I didn’t get a chance to learn a lot of new signs. However, I did get to practice the signs I already did know and I even taught some of the signs I know to my friends I was down in Mexico with.

For this week I went off a bit of my last video, sign to do with family, as well as some action words. This week used two different websites that I have found very helpful lifeprint and handspeak. In this video I decided to try something new, and instead of writing the words on screen, I overlapped my voice on the clips in the video.

Check out the video below:

As I have stated in the video, I have been struggling to categorize signs into topics, however, I have thought of my next weeks #LearningProject video. I plan on learning signs of things in my yard back home and my cousin yard. These signs will include, dog, cat, bird, horse, cow, bull, chicken, pig, goat, duck, tractor, trailer, wagon, bales, house, shop, and shed. I might even try to learn sentences that include these signs, but I’m not entirely sure quite yet.

Thank you for joining me this week, see you next time.


One thought on “Back From the Break, and the Learning Doesn’t Stop

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