Getting into the Social Swing of Things!

Via Giphy

I have never really been one to post a bunch on social media such as, Facebook, Twitter, and other places. I do post more on Instagram than any other social media though, but still not that often.

I was going through my Facebook the other day, and I never really had anything inappropriate that I have posted. However, I have had times where friends in high school would post things that are on the line, but there was never anything in the photos that were inappropriate.

Same goes for twitter, I never really had a twitter account until this year, but I did sign up on twitter last year, just never used it. But I am learning to have a more positive digital identity, not that I had a negative one before, I just didn’t really have much of one.

I googled my name today to see what I could find, (this wasn’t my first time doing this) and Facebook comes up. Not just me, there were other Sydney Wall’s on the list, but I was the one on the top of the list. Other than that there wasn’t much else for me specifically, but there were other things under Sydney Wall, but none of them were of me. I also went into google images to see if there were any photos of me and nothing came up of me, no Facebook profile pictures, nothing.

Though I do have a digital identity, I never thought that not having one would be a bad thing. I hardly use social media aside from Instagram, which I have been posting to more lately, before it was two to three posts every month or so, and my Facebook use was even less. I do plan to use my Twitter more and get familiar with that side of social media, and have a more of a digital presence.

Via Giphy