Welcome to the Farm… In ASL!

Welcome to the Farm… in ASL!

So this week I decided to learn some farm animals in ASL, as well as some things you can find in a farm yard, and if its anything like my yard, theres not a whole lot. While searching for the words I wanted to learn in sign, I kept coming across baby signing, and I wasn’t sure if there was a huge difference. However, through my sourcing I did find most of the words I wanted to learn, and some I couldn’t find. There were some that were just finger spelling like barn, and horse stables, so I decided to leave those out.

The video is below, check it out:

A huge reason as to why I wanted learn these words is because I live, not exactly on a farm, but in the country with many of the words I learned, and my cousin has many of these animals too… all of them to be exact, and I am going to visit her this weekend.

And to go by my video, I said I have one cat, two dogs, and two horses, so I figure why not put them in the post. Aren’t they just the cutest!

As by now you can tell I’ve mainly been doing vocabulary words, and this is because I figure it will be easier once I decide to start putting prober ASL sentences together. There is a huge difference between sentences in spoken English and in sign language, and I didn’t want to get things confused.

Thanks for joining me!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Farm… In ASL!

  1. its interesting to find out that baby sign language is different than ASL and how you couldn’t find some words in sign. maybe ASL is still developing in those terms or maybe some words are individualized. i know that each person who does ASL may do it a bit different so maybe some words they just have to individualize?
    great progress


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  3. Robbi Nace Keller

    Your animals are beautiful! I find spending time with my horses and my dog are my stress relief when I get home from school.


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