Welcome to the Farm… In ASL!

Welcome to the Farm… in ASL!

So this week I decided to learn some farm animals in ASL, as well as some things you can find in a farm yard, and if its anything like my yard, theres not a whole lot. While searching for the words I wanted to learn in sign, I kept coming across baby signing, and I wasn’t sure if there was a huge difference. However, through my sourcing I did find most of the words I wanted to learn, and some I couldn’t find. There were some that were just finger spelling like barn, and horse stables, so I decided to leave those out.

The video is below, check it out:

A huge reason as to why I wanted learn these words is because I live, not exactly on a farm, but in the country with many of the words I learned, and my cousin has many of these animals too… all of them to be exact, and I am going to visit her this weekend.

And to go by my video, I said I have one cat, two dogs, and two horses, so I figure why not put them in the post. Aren’t they just the cutest!

As by now you can tell I’ve mainly been doing vocabulary words, and this is because I figure it will be easier once I decide to start putting prober ASL sentences together. There is a huge difference between sentences in spoken English and in sign language, and I didn’t want to get things confused.

Thanks for joining me!

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