What’s your Favourite Colour?

Hello! Today is a beautiful day out, so my family and I went ice fishing. It’s not really my things so I just visited, but it was still a good time. While on the ice, I started to show my parents what I had been learning for ASL, and the signs for the colours.

Via Giphy

This video is a little shorter than my others, and I apologies, but I didn’t want to complicate the colours I was learning by learning other colours that go into different hues, and shades. Any who, I hope you enjoy my video, check it out below.

I have found this sources, Sign Savvy, very helpful! If you are learning ASL, I highly recommend this website, it is amazing! Just go to their site:

  1. Search a word, letter, or phrase:

2. Scroll through the list of words and phrases to find what you are looking for:

3. Once you choose your word, a gif pops up and shows you how to make and do the sign.

It is a great website to learn from, but like any other site there are some faults. One fault that bothers me, is that it doesn’t have all words you look for. For example, last week I wanted to find the word barn, but I couldn’t find it, I did however find, horse barn. This was a good thing, however, the sign was just horse then finger spelling barn. Other than that, I love this site and have learned so much.


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