I Cant(‘t) Code, How About You?

I have never tried to code before in my life… and let me tell yeah, that stuff get complex fast. I practiced coding on Code Camemy with the Code of Hour, and it was harder than I expected. I decided, since I’m a HUGE Disney fan, I decided to do the “Frozen” Code of Hour.

At first I was a little cocky, and thought it would be easy, well let me tell you, I counted my ducks before they were in a row. By the time I got to level five, it had been easy, then it all started to go over my head. And I feel pretty dumb now, because it was supposed to be easy, yet I struggled. I did eventually pass, but then struggled on level six… I was barely over a quarter way and I was failing hard. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t passing level six, I got all ten squares done…. just not the way the game wanted me to. And as it turned out I made it more difficult that it had to be.

Every thing after that seemed to go swimmingly, and I wasn’t really struggling anymore, even though I had no idea what I was doing the whole time. I just went with it and guessed most of the time. I did eventually get the certificate, but I don’t think I’d like to do it again.

Coding just isn’t my thing, I don’t find it fun, infuriating yes, challenging yes, but its not something I enjoy. I know how important coding is, but I think if you got into it, I has to be something you are very interested in. I know without coding people would have games, and computer programs, which for a teacher these things can be very important.

Hats off to people who enjoy (and can do) coding.

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One thought on “I Cant(‘t) Code, How About You?

  1. i remember doing coding back when i took this class and i too agree with its difficulty. although i felt quite proud of my accomplishment after my project was done and may actually use this skill in my future career. i think its good to know as a tool for students to maybe use for a project or lesson and my question to you would be, would you use coding in the future as an educator? why or why not?


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