Summary of Learning

Throughout this semester I have learned so much about technology in my EDTC 300 class. I have all this to thank Katia Hildebrandt for, she has been an amazing instructor and brought many things that follow technology to my attention, such as how important it is not only to have a positive digital identity, but how important it is to have a digital identity of some sort at all. We learned how to blog and how to create a twitter account, and how we can use them for educational proposes.

Thought this course I had my struggles and difficulties, as I’m sure others have had as well. In the beginning I had a lot of trouble with figuring out how blogging worked and all the other tricks that come with it. Though this course I learned how to create pages within my blog, as well as categories for every type of topic to fit into. Katia also gave us great advice, and encouraged us to have a positive E-Portfolo on out blogs. Which on mine you can find my Teaching Philosophy, an example unit plan, assessment, and planning.

We have been taught how to be responsible on the internet and how important it is to teach our students to be responsible with an online presence. We also got a great opportunity to learn something new throughout the semester, in which I chose to learn ASL, and if you want to check it out, it in on my University Sources page, under the category Learning Project.

For my summary of learning, I paired up with Rebecca Hitchens, and we created a video that summarizes all areas of what we learned throughout in the semester through a little skit we put together.

I had a great time with this class, and a big shout out to Katia Heldebrandt for being such an amazing instructor, thank you for everything.

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