Final Networked Learning

Throughout this semester I learned a lot of new things to do with blogs, twitter, and everything in-between. I learned that having a positive digital identity on social media, including twitter and blogs, is a very important thing. This doesn’t just mean having an identity, it also means to comment and support other professionals through social media.

Through the semester I have shared resources on twitter, as well as links to articles I read for my blogs. Sharing resources is a big part of being in the educational world.

It is important to help others out by giving advice or ideas, and just supporting each other. One way I did this was on Google Plus, one classmate was asking about video editing programs for computers, and since I have had a P.C and now have a Mac, I have worked with different video editing programs, and put my two cents in. I also answered a similar question on twitter.

As I blogged through the semester, I found it helpful by reading others blogs and seeing what they had down. which this sometimes led me to asking questions about what they wrote about, to get further information.

I also commented when I found the blogs I was reading interesting and gave encouraging words.

I also took every opportunity to reply to people who commented on my blogs, and gave me their inputs and thoughts.

I also took opportunities to share resources on twitter, as well as comment on tweets and answer comments on my tweets.

This class has come to show me how wonderful the internet can be, but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad (trolls). There is such a great caring community on twitter and on blogs. Its nice to be able to connect to other educators and other professionals on different areas of social media.

If you are interested in seeing other comments I have made check out this link below.

Comments and Replies 

Thank you for following me on my journey in this course, but now its time to start my own journey through twitter and blogging on my own.

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