ASL Project Over, But Not Done

I am going to start off my explaining my title, “ASL Project Over, But Not Done”. Though my course is over and I have no obligation to continue learning ASL, I will for the benefit of me and my future classroom. I still have a long way to with ASL though my course that I decided to learn this for has officially ended.

I wanted to learn ASL for several reasons, those reasons being, 1) To gain a better understanding of the deaf community, 2) To benefit my future classroom and students, 3) I have just always wanted to learn ASL and figured it could be a benefit for me in my future.

I am glad I began my joinery on learning ASL, I find it very enlightening, and practical to learn. I have been learning slowly but I have been improving. I have even got the chance to speak to a family friend that is mostly deaf. I have known him since I was younger, and him and his family stopped by for a visit, and I got a chance to have a conversation in ASL, however it wasn’t a lengthy conversation. I didn’t record the conversation as I felt it would be rude to do considering they were there for a visit. Either way, he was pretty excited and told me that I pretty good for a beginner, but I think he was just being nice. Our conversation basically consisted of him and I talking about me learning ASL and where I stand with it, as well as making fun of my dad. He loves to bug my dad.

So lets recap of what I have done:

  1. What to Learn, What to Learn…
    1. I decided what to learn and let you all know
  2. My Journey Continues – ASL Learning Project
    1. Here I learned introductions as well and numbers up to 10.
  3. Learning Project ASL #3 – What Day is it Anyways?
    1. Here I learned the month, days and a few others.
  4. Live and Learn
    1. With this day I learned words that revolves around family, as well as learned some conversation questions.
  5. Back From the Break, and the Learning Doesn’t Stop
    1. Here I continued with words that resided with family that I forgot to do the week before.
  6. Welcome to the Farm… In ASL!
    1. This was one of my favourites, I learned words that I could possibly use more, were signs that resided with the farm, such as cow, horse, duck, tractor, etc…
  7. What’s your Favourite Colour?
    1. This one was rather short but here I learned the more common colours such as the primary colours and secondary colours.
  8. What Should I Wear?
    1. Here I learned practice signs about clothing.
  9. All the World is Made of Faith and Trust and Pixie Dust!
    1. This was my favourite blog to make about ASL, I learned a song in sign “Lost Boy” by Ruth B.
  10. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!
    1. This was my last video blog on ASL and I learned a Dr. Seuss book with signs that I was already familiar with.

I have had such a great time learning ASL, and I am sure I will continue to enjoy it. To learn ASL, I used the internet and used many different sites and phone apps. Some of the online resources I used were Sign Savvy, ASL University, ASL Resource, and Youtube. Some Apps I used were ASL, Sign School, The ASL App, and Learn ASL Lite (sorry I can’t link all of the apps).

I have received lots of feedback on my blogs/vlogs on my ALS journey and as time went on, the comment got more and more helpful. Some blogs got more comments than others but I made sure to do my best to answer everyone.

I asked for help several times throughout my blogs, and I finally received some help by the end, thank goodness and it was a great idea and thats how my last video came to be.

I had a wonderful time in this course and I am glad the opportunity to learn ASL, this course gave me the budge that I needed to get started, and now that I have started I can continue with my learning. Though this #LearningProject, I didn’t just learn ASL, I also learned how great online resources are and how helpful they can be. I also discovered that to have online resources you don’t just have to use the internet, you can also use apps. This can go to show how important technology can be for a classroom. There are apps that you can use with your students and they are still learning something. Though books can still be good resources, there is just so much more that you can find online and on the internet in todays day in age. I am glad I took this course and would recommend it for anyone who wants to learn about technology in the classroom.

Catch ya’ll later!

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One thought on “ASL Project Over, But Not Done

  1. Your journey sounds like it was both difficult yet successful. I am glad to hear you finally received some help, perhaps when it was most important. I love in this final post how you connected it to all of your previous learning project posts. This connection shows your critical understanding of how your journey began and how it came to be. The idea behind your learning project is fantastic. This will be quite beneficial to those future students within your classroom that needs these adaptations. I really hope you continue to work towards becoming fluent as it will benefit you and those around you. Thanks for posting all of the successes and struggles within your journey! I hope everything goes well for you in your classroom!


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