Who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell… Just kidding.

My name is Sydney Wall, and no I was not named after Sydney Australia, I was actually named after Sydney Andrews, the crazy lady on Melrose Place. And though Wall is a German last name, I am in fact not German. I am mostly Romani, and I believe the reason my family ended up with a German name was to hide during WWII from the Nazi’s, because gypsys were also being put into camps. Now that is not a fact, its just an assumption.

I was born and raised in the country just outside of a smalltown in Northern Saskatchewan. This small town where I meet my first friends, went to school, learned to ride horse, learn guitar, learned to drive, and learned what it was like to have responsibilities. I am the youngest of three, the older two older sisters, so my dad was lucky enough to have three girls. The small town was perfect for growing up in, there’re lakes to swim, fish, kayaking, or just go for a boat ride. There is a ski hill to go skiing or snowboarding with your friends on the weekend, there were lots of different sports to play such as broomball, volleyball and softball. And if I didn’t feel like going out anywhere, I could just saddle up my horse and go for ride. But this chapter of my life came to an end as I moved on to university in Regina.

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Right now I am currently attending the University of Regina, in my last year, in the Ed. program as a social studies major and a visual arts minor. I live here in Regina with my fiancé, along with our three pets, two dogs and one cat. Though I am five hours away from home, I still go home on holidays and I still get to do things like see friends and ride my horses, I just don’t get to do it as often. And after I’m finished University, I plan to move back up north and live with my fiancé, we are getting married this summer.


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