What Should I Wear?

Today’s video is on clothing, and once again this video is a bit shorter. Since clothes are part of our everyday lives I thought I would be a good idea to learn them in sign. I did look up certain words, such as jeans, however I only found these words in finger spelling, so I left them out of the video.

For this video, I learned my ASL for clothes from my favourite website to learn from, Sign Savvy. There were a few others that I checked out, such as Life Print, but I mainly used Sign Savvy.

My video is below, check it out!

Thank you for watching this week, and as I said in the video, I am going to try and learn a song. I  have heard of others doing it, and thought that it was a cool idea, and decided to steal it and try it out myself.

Hope everyone had a great first day of spring!

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It’s a Scary (Social Media) World Out There.

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The internet used to be just something I could use to find answers or play games on. Now there is a new dynamic of use for the internet, and the thing is, is that it’s not that new. We now have social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. These allow for gateways for people out there to hide behind their screen and call people out for doing something regrettable. Now a days these people are hitting harder than ever, and don’t realize the damage they do for some of the things they comment, while others are fully aware. Social media was meant to connects us to one another, and though it does do that, it can also tear people apart, and leave them broken.

I remember when I was in high school I heard the story of Amanda Todd’s suicide, and the reasoning behind it.  Remember thinking, it’s awful what people drive others to do, it’s sad. I just recently re-watched the documentary on Amanda Todd’s story, and it made me think of how one little mistake can wreck a person. Everyone has made mistakes, some worse than others, and some too proud to admit to their mistakes. But in the end, we are all human, it’s in human nature to make mistakes.

Technology can be a tricky thing. Jokes can be interpreted wrong, and people only see/hear what they want to. We can all express our freedom of speech, but there is a responsibility that comes with this freedom. We all also have the right to feel safe, but that right is taken away when people get attacked personally on social media. Like in the Justine Sacco situation, if you watch the Ted Talk “How One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life”, it explains how she made a distasteful joke that was misinterpreted by the world. People were calling for her to get fired, which she did, and some were calling out that she be raped and get aids from that. Yet on that one remark, nobody called this person out for rape culture.

Way back when social media was hardly if not a thing, people would get shamed and threatened on the internet and personal lives would be ruined. Like Monica Lewinsky put it, this is now called cyberbullying, and it’s a real issue, especially in todays’ society. She experienced it first hand, and is still haunted by her mistake back when she was 22. Now that we have larger scales of social media, things can get around faster, and easier. Just take a look at SnapChat. It’s a way to communicate with people or show people what you are doing, and its pictures are only meant to last up to ten seconds. But there are people who screen shot, and there are even people who hack accounts and gain all the private photos of people.

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As educators, it’s important to teach students the repercussions of misusing social media, and how we should be making positive environments within the web, instead of negative ones. We should be teaching how to use our rights and freedoms with responsibility. Students should learn there are two sides to every story, and though we get to choose what side we see, it’s important to know and understand both.

Cell Phone Use During Class Time

There has been a great long debate on whether or not children should be allowed to use their cell phone in class. There are many reasons to support it, and many reason that support against it.

I personally am all for it, as long as they are being used for educational purposes. If the cell phones are being used for any other reason without giving the students permission, such as them playing games or checking there notifications during a lesson or work, then I believe the cell phones should be taken away temporarily. I have never been against listening to music while students work, or letting them play on their phone once their work is done.

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This video below is a text message conversation between an upset parent, who has been told by their child that cell phones are never allowed in the class, and a teacher who doesn’t allow cell phones in the class room unless they are being used for educational purposes. This video was created by Miss Hitchens and I, check it out!

This isn’t necessarily how a conversation would go, we are by no way stating all teachers are against technology in the class, nor are we saying this is how all parents would act.

Here is the list of the resources used within the video.

  1. Cell Phone Harassment
  2. Why you should listen to music while you work, according to scientific findings


Here is a list of extra resources for the “Great Debate”:

Technology should be used:

  1. 4 Benefits of having mobile technology in the classroom
  2. Advantages of Using Cell Phones in the Classroom
  3. Pros of Cell Phones in School
  4. Cell Phones at School: Should They Be Allowed in the Classroom?

Technology should not be used:

  1. Cell Phones at School: Should They Be Allowed in the Classroom?
  2. Why Phones Don’t Belong in School

  3. Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School

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What’s your Favourite Colour?

Hello! Today is a beautiful day out, so my family and I went ice fishing. It’s not really my things so I just visited, but it was still a good time. While on the ice, I started to show my parents what I had been learning for ASL, and the signs for the colours.

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This video is a little shorter than my others, and I apologies, but I didn’t want to complicate the colours I was learning by learning other colours that go into different hues, and shades. Any who, I hope you enjoy my video, check it out below.

I have found this sources, Sign Savvy, very helpful! If you are learning ASL, I highly recommend this website, it is amazing! Just go to their site:

  1. Search a word, letter, or phrase:

2. Scroll through the list of words and phrases to find what you are looking for:

3. Once you choose your word, a gif pops up and shows you how to make and do the sign.

It is a great website to learn from, but like any other site there are some faults. One fault that bothers me, is that it doesn’t have all words you look for. For example, last week I wanted to find the word barn, but I couldn’t find it, I did however find, horse barn. This was a good thing, however, the sign was just horse then finger spelling barn. Other than that, I love this site and have learned so much.

Welcome to the Farm… In ASL!

Welcome to the Farm… in ASL!

So this week I decided to learn some farm animals in ASL, as well as some things you can find in a farm yard, and if its anything like my yard, theres not a whole lot. While searching for the words I wanted to learn in sign, I kept coming across baby signing, and I wasn’t sure if there was a huge difference. However, through my sourcing I did find most of the words I wanted to learn, and some I couldn’t find. There were some that were just finger spelling like barn, and horse stables, so I decided to leave those out.

The video is below, check it out:

A huge reason as to why I wanted learn these words is because I live, not exactly on a farm, but in the country with many of the words I learned, and my cousin has many of these animals too… all of them to be exact, and I am going to visit her this weekend.

And to go by my video, I said I have one cat, two dogs, and two horses, so I figure why not put them in the post. Aren’t they just the cutest!

As by now you can tell I’ve mainly been doing vocabulary words, and this is because I figure it will be easier once I decide to start putting prober ASL sentences together. There is a huge difference between sentences in spoken English and in sign language, and I didn’t want to get things confused.

Thanks for joining me!

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Getting into the Social Swing of Things!

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I have never really been one to post a bunch on social media such as, Facebook, Twitter, and other places. I do post more on Instagram than any other social media though, but still not that often.

I was going through my Facebook the other day, and I never really had anything inappropriate that I have posted. However, I have had times where friends in high school would post things that are on the line, but there was never anything in the photos that were inappropriate.

Same goes for twitter, I never really had a twitter account until this year, but I did sign up on twitter last year, just never used it. But I am learning to have a more positive digital identity, not that I had a negative one before, I just didn’t really have much of one.

I googled my name today to see what I could find, (this wasn’t my first time doing this) and Facebook comes up. Not just me, there were other Sydney Wall’s on the list, but I was the one on the top of the list. Other than that there wasn’t much else for me specifically, but there were other things under Sydney Wall, but none of them were of me. I also went into google images to see if there were any photos of me and nothing came up of me, no Facebook profile pictures, nothing.

Though I do have a digital identity, I never thought that not having one would be a bad thing. I hardly use social media aside from Instagram, which I have been posting to more lately, before it was two to three posts every month or so, and my Facebook use was even less. I do plan to use my Twitter more and get familiar with that side of social media, and have a more of a digital presence.

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Back From the Break, and the Learning Doesn’t Stop

Hello, and welcome to my fifth Learning Project Vlog/Blog. I have been away for the last week in Mexico for a wedding. And not to brag but I was really happy to miss the coldest days of winter 2018 yet. But now I am back and happy to be. While I was away I didn’t have much internet access, and was busy most of the time, so I didn’t get a chance to learn a lot of new signs. However, I did get to practice the signs I already did know and I even taught some of the signs I know to my friends I was down in Mexico with.

For this week I went off a bit of my last video, sign to do with family, as well as some action words. This week used two different websites that I have found very helpful lifeprint and handspeak. In this video I decided to try something new, and instead of writing the words on screen, I overlapped my voice on the clips in the video.

Check out the video below:

As I have stated in the video, I have been struggling to categorize signs into topics, however, I have thought of my next weeks #LearningProject video. I plan on learning signs of things in my yard back home and my cousin yard. These signs will include, dog, cat, bird, horse, cow, bull, chicken, pig, goat, duck, tractor, trailer, wagon, bales, house, shop, and shed. I might even try to learn sentences that include these signs, but I’m not entirely sure quite yet.

Thank you for joining me this week, see you next time.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

As someone who was raised in the era where cell phones began to become more of an everyday thing, and everyone was getting one, I believe it is important to know proper and safe use of these devices, especially in the times we live in now.

Everywhere I look, people are taking pictures and posting it on social media, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but used improperly, it can be. Taking pictures with friends and posting is fine, but there are things that could make it negative. I.E. the picture of friends could have alcohol in the photo, which in the long run could effect that persons future if they are applying for a job.

Throughout school, we were taught how to behave properly in the “real-world” community, and as an educator I think it is important to teach the same ideals in the “cyber-world”. Everyone is so into their phones, that instead of fighting against the current, why not go with the flow and have everyone benefit from it.

It is important to teach students how to have a positive presence in the world and their community, the same goes for technology. These things aren’t necisarnaly part  of the written curriculum, but more in the hidden-curriculum. Though its not written as something to teach, it is still important to discus with your students. If we teach our students have a positive presence in the “cyber-world’ rather than them creating a negative one, the students will benefit from it in the long run.

However important being with current times are, I still believe it is important to put down the technology and be there in the moment, and appreciate everything around you in the “real-world”.

Live and Learn

So this blog about my #learningproject will be my 3rd Vlog, and as you can probably tell, I am not that good, but I am still learning, and yes I will make mistakes here and there. So if you are learning ASL or know it already, please comment or let me know by some other means, as I want to correct my mistakes as I go, so I may get better, and eventually apply this into my life when needed.

Anyways, so this week I did a little vocabulary words; family, parents, grandparents, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, child, sister, brother, boy, and girl. I also learned some conversational questions, such as, ‘do you have a sister/brother?’, ‘where do you work?’, ‘are you married/single?’, and a few others. Take a look at my video below to check it out:

As I continue to learn, I have begun to notice that you don’t sign the way you speak in English. For example, “where do you work?” is actually signed “where work you?”. However, its not always like this, so I am finding it hard to know when this applies and when it does not.

Next week I will not be posting for I won’t have access to a computer, as I have a wedding to attend to in Mexico. However I still plan on practicing my ASL for my #learningproject for #edtc300. As of this point I am unsure as to what to learn about, but I know I will do some more vocabulary words, maybe words that have to do with actions, such as stand, walk, play, watch, drive, stay, etc., and some words that continue from this vlog, such as, aunt, uncle, daughter, son, baby, friend, and love. These are just what are flowing through my head, but I have noticed I am struggling with topics to follow under or words to categorize as time goes by.

I have also began to watch “Switched at Birth”, and it is a good show. There is a lot more signing in it then I though there would be. I have been slowly picking up words here and there, ones I already know and ones I don’t, but I have learned from the show. I have also learned a little bit on deaf culture, you don’t get to give yourself a sign for your name. you have to finger spell it until someone who is deaf gives you a specific sign for your name. I never knew that before, and this show continues to teach me a lot about deaf culture.

Thank you for tuning in this week, I will see you again soon. Remember, if you found a mistake I have made, whether it be in this blog or previous learning project blogs, please let me know so I can better my ASL.

Technology and the World we Live in

I just finished watching a video, “An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube” by Michael Wesch. I was assigned to watch at least 15 minutes, but ended up watching the entire thing. It was a very interesting video, even though it was created 10 years ago. After watching the video, I stopped and gave it some thought. As an educator, how do I plan on educating my students in the world we live in with ever changing technology and media. 

I was part of that generation where technology was already a part of my life by the time I was around 7 or 8 years old. But this technology was limited to a land line home phone and an old, very slow, dial up computer. And like we discussed in our EDTC 300 class, dial up was no fun, and you couldn’t be on the internet and the phone at the same time. I can recall getting booted off the computer or my songs not downloading on lime wire due to my parents wanting to make a phone call, and I’d have to start the whole process over again.

However, as time has changed, so has technology. As I grew up, I got my very first cell phone when I was in grade 8, it was an LG slide. Since then I have gone through many phones, and this technology has become a part of my life, as much as I’d prefer not to admit it. And as a young person that didn’t have internet on my phone, my parents didn’t have to worry about any inappropriate use. However, as time goes on, and you can’t go anywhere without WiFi, kids now a days have easy access to materials that are very impressionable on young..

Once I turned 16, I got my first laptop, and Acer, and I thought it was the best thing in the world, even though I didn’t have much use for it until grade 12, and my first year of university. When I was opened to the internet through my laptop, my parents would tell me how important it was to be responsible with this piece of technology. But for the first two years of having the computer, I really only played games and went on Facebook (which is apparently for old people now).

As an educator, it it important to have a positive online presence, and it is important to teach students the same thing. Because once something is on the internet, its on there forever and it can spread like wild fire, which is something that. Wesch discovered first hand, even while was on Super Bowl Sunday. Even with texting, it is important for kids to know how important it is to be responsible. Cyberbullying occurs more often than it ever has now that almost everyone has access to some form of technology that allows you to communicate.

Though computer and phones do have a positive side to them in a classroom, it is important to know when to use them and when not to. Cell phones are great tools to use when you are not sure how to spell something or need answers. Instead of going to the library and looking through an encyclopedia (like they did in the “Stone Age”), you can now just go onto google. Almost everything is digitalized now a days, and is easily accessed. With this easy access most schools and students have it is important how to use their technology appropriately and leave a positive footprint.

For the when not to use them, students need to know when to shut it down and be in the real world. Though sharing an instargam pic shows people what you may be doing, it keeps your life from being private, any now has access to that photo. Though technology allows us to communicate, we need to be present in the life’s we are to be living. As I was in my internship, I had a bin for cell phones to go in when students entered my class, and if we needed them they were allowed to go the their phones. I found this to be very helpful in the class, and I would do it again. And by me taking their phone away they were attentive in class, and to not, this didn’t limit them in my class, I would incorporate technology into my lessons, such as searching for good materials for paper, using different types of programs for presentations, etc.

Technology is a big thing in the world we live in today, and as educators we need to keep with the “times”, so to speak. Not only is technology useful for students but it is useful for us teachers as well. It allows us to gather resources faster, keep track of our classrooms, and gives us the ability to use new teacher resources such as plickers or kahoot.