Teaching Philosophy

There are many people who enjoy teaching, for various reasons. I am grateful for the opportunities I get to make a difference in the generations to come. I find gratitude in being an educator that can help students on their way to bettering themselves. Every child seeks knowledge by asking questions and seeking answers. Being a part of their learning and development, I know that I am and will continue to make a difference. To be a teacher is a very rewarding and challenging job; still, all the good outweighs the bad that may happen or take place. With all the diversities in a classroom, it can be difficult for a child to feel included, learn their strengths, and learn what makes them unique, so I believe inclusion is a very important part of my job as an educator.

My teaching philosophy mainly focus on a positive classroom environment and incorporating useful learning materials into the classroom.

I believe in:

Teaching Treaty Education

It is important to teach treaty education in everyday learning. It’s important to for students to know why it’s important to be learned, and why it matters.

Having a safe environment

Creating a safe environment for all students is very important for every teacher in every classroom to do. No child should ever feel unwanted or unsafe within their classroom.


Collaboration is a big part of my teaching philosophy. Teacher/teacher collaboration is great to help create the best teaching opportunities for students, student/teacher collaboration allows for the students to be a part of their learning, and student/student collaboration helps the overall learning of the students by them helping one another out.

Positive student/teacher relationships

Relationships we as teachers form with students is essential for success for learning in the classroom. When relationships are positive with students, the        overall school experience is more positive for the students.

Including parents in students learning

It can sometimes be hard for parents to understand and follow everything their child is doing, and I believe it is important to keep parents in the loop and have them be an active part in their child’s learning. There are many apps that can allow parents to see what their children are doing in the classroom, and keep in contact with their child’s teacher.

Learn to do by doing

The best way I find students to learn is by doing. Being hands on enables students to gain a deeper understanding of their materials. I am a firm believer in John Dewey’s philosophy on learn to do by doing.

Having technology in the classroom

As times continue, technology grows and evolves. As teachers, we should be keeping up with the times, and in cooperate technology into our classrooms. Children are being born in a different day in age, so we shouldn’t be limiting them to our own technical learnings.